HEL webinar in association with PlugVolt

Posted on 06/09/2013

HEL's managing director, Dr Jasbir Singh, presented a webinar on the 28th August 2013, in association with PlugVolt entitled 'Determination of Heat Generation Rate and Thermal Runaway Risk of Li-ion (and similar) Batteries using different Calorimetry Methods'. 

The webinar demonstrated how the risk of thermal runway leading to fires and explosions can be quantified safely, so that the limits of temperature,  discharge rate and overcharge, which can trigger the runaway, can be measured.

The talk also explained why data generated without the use of calorimeters is unsuitable and how it can indeed also pose a risk to operators.

The key points of discussion were:

  • Temperature limits for batteries that can trigger violent thermal runaway
  • Limits on fast charging and overcharging leading to battery explosion
  • Tests under worst-case conditions that closely reflect realistic conequences at a large scale
  • Outline of new techniques that enables thermal managent system data to be directly measured
  • Effect of environmental temperature on heat generation and charge capacity

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