HEL Batteries & Fuel Cells Event

Posted on 09/04/2014

HEL Are Proud To Announce In Conjuction With Shmuel De Leon:
on Batteries and Fuel Cells
Date: May 1st-2nd 2014
Location: Borehamwood, England

This seminar program:

  • Focuses on present and future needs of portable and stationary electrochemical energy sources and highlights the latest technological developments designed to satisfy application requirements.

  • Reviews primary, rechargeable,reserve, commercial,industrial and military batteries, fuel cells, ultra capacitors system and their accessories.

  • Reviews typical cycle life aspects of designing and manufacturing energy source solutions from application energy requirements, power source electrical and mechanical design, cells selection, cells evaluation tests, battery prototype, acceptance tests, design and manufacturing techniques, testing, mass production, safety issues, transportation, use and disposal.

  • Special focus is given to battery design and testing aspects which are vital tools for battery solution.

  • Trains attendees on safety issues along the energy source solution cycle life.

  • Reviews the updated status of battery air transportation restrictions and instructs on the
    safe transport
    of batteries according to IATA regulations.

  • Video and demonstration of thermal runaway with real batteries.

Key Benefits

  • Full review of current and future electrochemical energy sources.

  • Training on cells and raw material selection, design, manufacturing, testing, safety, transportation and disposal aspects of energy sources.

  • Basic knowledge for new employees entering the field.

  • Training on Energy Sources Database software –a vital tool for optimal energy
    source design.

    Program Topics
    -Battery characteristics
    -Primary cells & batteries
    -Rechargeable cells & batteries
    -Lithium rechargeable cell Manufacturing process
    -Battery chargers
    -Military batteries
    -Thermal & reserve batteries
    -Battery design process
    -Battery safety
    -Battery disposal
    -The “smart battery”
    -Battery testing systems
    -Energy storage for the grid
    -Fuel cells
    -Ultra Capacitors
    -EVs energy solutions

Location: Borehamwood, England

Price: £770.00 + VAT

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