TSu // Thermal Screening Unit
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Thermal Screening Unit


The Thermal Screening Unit (TSu) is the first step in thermal hazard assessment. The system offers the full advantages of classical DSC/DTA analysis with the added advantage of gas evolution measurement - critical in identifying potentially explosive situations.

For Effective reaction hazards screening, two critical peices of data are needed

  • The "Onset" Temperature for the reaction
  • The pressure generated by the runaway.

The TSu offers the simplicity of operation associated with DSC/DTA, whilst providing pressure data. In addition with sample cells from 1 to 8 mL, samples and reaction mixtures are substantial enough to be truly representative. A chilled variant of the TSu is also available for sub-ambient testing.

Operating Modes

The principle operation is a simple oven temperature ramp (0.5-10&deg C/min), with sample temperature and pressure allowed to vary independently. Exotherm and gas evolutions are indicated by a spike in the sample Temperature and/or Pressure traces.

Additional operating modes are available as standard including

  • Isothermal (stability)
  • Dual-Scan
  • Soak &amp Scan

The system employs HEL WinISO control software - developed in house to provide a logical and simple interface for development of multiple step processes.During operation all conditions are displayed numerically and on a trend graph. All steps can be modified in real-time - even on currently running steps. Modifications are fully documented in the output file.

Multiple Units:

Several TSu's can be used in parallel, running from the same computer. This is a cost effective method of screening large numbers of samples. The compact design of the instrument makes it easy to fit several units into a standard fume cupboard.