On-line Calorimetry // Simple Calorimetry from jacketed and stirred reactors
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On-line calorimetry reaction tracking

This is a novel solution for extracting calorimetry (heat flow) for chemistry performed in a stirred reactor with temperature control. The product is portable and hence can be used on a range of vessels.

The heat flow results are delivered in Real-Time. It is designed to be used by synthetic chemists and not calorimetry and safety experts and as such, on-line guidelines using a just a few mouse-clicks is all that is needed.

Calorimetry for R & D chemists

Calorimetry theory has been imbedded into HEL's proprietary reactor control software to allow direct and on-line display of heat release as reaction proceeds. In order to increase use by R and D chemists, simplifications based on sound data and over 20 years experience have been incorporated while for those looking for accurate data, full and complete theory has been retained but with time-saving calculations still done on-line and in real-time.

Considerable development effort has been expended in developing methodology that will encourage large numbers of chemists to embrace calorimetry as additional insight into their process without ANY extra hardware or additional experimental time being necessary. The key features are the following:


  • No knowledge of methodology or theory required
  • May be used with minimal or even zero user input
  • Data displayed in real-time as reaction is performed
  • No extra experimental time required
  • No off-line analysis/calculations needed