Research Scale Battery Calorimeter/Phi-tec for batteries (ARC type)
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Phi Tec BTC

Thermal 'Abuse' battery Testing Calorimeter

Adiabatic reaction calorimeter for thermal stability ('abuse') testing of small batteries and components.

The PHI-TEC is able to study:-

  • Battery components (anode, cathode, electrolyte, SEI)
  • Complete batteries
  • Overcharged or over discharged batteries
  • Charged, discharged and cycled batteries

Even large batteries (EV and HEV, for example) can be directly tested to obtain safety, lifecycle and electrochemical efficiency data.

Thermal Stability Testing

Lowest temperature at which battery starts to self-heat can be accurately determined in the standard heat-wait search test. To assist with chemical development, the kinetics and energy release can be easily qualified.

Cycler Integration

Power cyclers, fully software integrated and controlled can be supplied for a range of power/current loads enabling different charging, discharging, overcharging, shorting and other common operations to be automatically tested. Client's own cycler units can also be used.