SIMULAR provides calorimetry in stirred, jacketed reactors typically based on heat flow principle. Mostly operating isothermally, the data enables safe-scale up, kinetics and an understanding of potential safety problems in the event of control failure. Key process development tool...
Thermal stability of liquids and powders (0.5 To 5g typically), providing both temperature and pressure data following onset of runaway reaction. Includes TSU with temperature scanning mode (for rapid testing) and Phi-tec I working in adiabatic mode (giving "ARC-type" data), the instruments provide heat of reaction, kinetics and understanding of explosion risk .
Classic 'ARC-type' adiabatic calorimeter (Phi-tec I) and also low-thermal inertia or low phi-factor version (Phi-tec II) to provide thermal stability, runaway potential, vent sizing (according to DIERS methodology) and thermo-kinetic data on liquids and powders. Used both in process industries and for material hazard testing.
Thermal runaway of batteries adiabatically (ARC-type mode), to provide safe temperature limits and limits on discharge/overcharge rates using BTC. Different designs to allow both small scale testing and large packs (largest dimension over 55cm). Many unique features including on-line video capability.
Direct measurement of heat generated during discharge/overcharging while holding the battery temperature constant, provides battery power management data with iso-BTC. Batteries of different sizes and shapes (largest dimension over 55cm) can be tested.
Fully automated reactors for research and pre-pilot scale applications including many parallel and high pressure systems. Includes customised solutions for catalytic reactions, parallel chemistry, solubility/particle sizing studies, and general organic synthesis, using both stirred/jacketed reactors as well as flow chemistry.